Older cars / vans, projects, restorations & major repairs

Even though you are greenies, will you fix my ancient gas guzzler?

Yes. We actually enjoy fixing old cars and encouraging people to repair, not replace. Unfortunately it can be difficult and costly, so in the interests of keeping your costs down, we may spreadĀ  the repairs out over a couple of days. If you want it fixed immediately, it may cost a lot more. If you have a “classic” car (older than 1980), contact us to find out what we can do. Be prepared for a financial shock, and be aware repairs on these cars can take a looong time. That means it probably won’t be ready for your Melbourne road trip this weekend. Often we will refer you to a mechanic that specialises in your type of vehicle, as they may be better equipped to perform the work.

My car / bike needs a full restoration. Can you do it?

No, but we can usually refer you to someone who can. Getting somebody to restore a vehicle for you is very expensive, so make sure you do your homework. Join a club for your marque, or at least an online forum – if you are thinking about it, chances are someone has already done it.

Can you fit a turbo / airbag suspension / hydrogen generator etc. to my already non-standard ride? Oh, and it’s unregistered, in my Nanna’s backyard at Lismore. All the tyres are bald, and there’s some chickens living in it. But it ran fine back in 1983, before it was defected.

Probably not. But please send us some pics.

What about my backpacker van?

If you are looking at buying a van, make sure it has the Safety Certificate (formerly called a Roadworthy Certificate) BEFORE you buy it. Most of these vehicles are converted trades vans, and are often on their last legs. Repair bills can easily surpass the purchase price. Also any vehicle with more than 300,000 km probably needs to have some major engine work done. But bring it in, we’ll still have a look!

Can you fix panel & paint damage?

Some minor items can be repaired in our garage, such as lights, mirrors and windscreens, but for more extensive damage or scratched paintwork we recommend a smash repair shop. If you want to get a quote on damage, let us know when you book in for a service and we will try and organise one from a local panel shop.