New Car Warranty

Cars serviced by us don’t lose their warranty.

All new cars sold in Australia are covered by a statuatory warranty. What this means is that if someone has sold you a car by telling you that it will last for a certain period, that car should last that long, or the seller has to fix it. But the vehicle needs to be maintained in order to last. If the vehicle isn’t maintained, and something breaks, then the warranty is void.

Maintaining a vehicle correctly involves having the services done when the logbook specifies, and having the service done as described in the logbook by someone competent in motor vehicle servicing, using suitable quality parts. To paraphrase an ACCC consumer information sheet:

“Many consumers ask the ACCC whether a voluntary warranty provided by a motor vehicle manufacturer or dealer will be affected if the vehicle is serviced by an independent agent – that is, an agent who is not approved by the manufacturer or dealer.

The business that provides the voluntary or extended warranty is entitled to insist that any servicing performed on cars they sell is:

·         carried out by qualified staff
·         according to the manufacturer’s specifications
·         using genuine or appropriate quality parts where required

in order for the consumer’s voluntary or extended warranty to continue. This means that provided these conditions are met, regardless of where the customer chooses to get their car serviced, their warranty will remain intact.”

There are some instances when the dealership is the only place that can carry out service on your car. But these instances are rare. If any serious advanced repairs (recalls or software updates) are required, the manufacture is obliged to advise you, and provide those repairs free of charge.

The parts we provide are manufactured by companies that guarantee your vehicle or it’s warranty will not be adversely affected by their use. If we can’t obtain quality third-party products, or if you request, we use genuine parts.

For the most part, the service you receive from Ralph’s Garage (or your preferred mechanic) is identical to what you would receive from the dealership. Sometimes it’s even better.

If you are still a bit scared, check with your dealership – they are legally obliged to tell you the truth. The most common argument is that independent operators can’t scan electronics, which in most cases is wrong (we have the tools & abilities). Interestingly, most dealerships don’t scan each car when it comes in for a service, only when there is a check engine warning light or obvious problem with the vehicle.