What makes Ralph’s Garage a “green” mechanic?

We’re pretty sure there’s no such thing. Petro-chemical based mess requires harsh solvents to clean up, and all products produced from hi-tech heavy industries with profit as the bottom line (like cars and computers) leave a trail of environmental carnage. So we just try and be a bit greener. We recycle what we can, and try to minimise water usage. When we can afford it, we hope to have a water tank and solar hot water. Rather than adopt a reactionary approach, we try and prevent or reduce environmental damage, polluting effluent and wasted resources.

When it is practical and safe to do so, we try and use secondhand and reconditioned parts.This also often keeps the cost of repairs down for the customer. Please note that we don’t use secondhand components without first consulting you.

We also appreciate that some customers want to reduce their vehicular footprint, and offer support and respect in that regard. For example, we can provide some reusable components such as K&N air filters which replace the disposable paper cartridge units found in most cars.

If you are changing your own oil at home we are happy to take small quantites of waste oil for recycling. Please call first if you have some to dispose of.