Breakdowns & housecalls, parking at the garage

In some cases we can come out to your car, if you are very close to our workshop (West End penninsula area only). If you are outside this area, our hourly rate applies. We may not be able to fix your vehicle, but we should be able to diagnose the problem and make a plan of action from there. Note that our schedule is pretty tight and we may not be able to come straight away, and we may not be able to bring the car into the garage until other work has been completed. We can only come out during normal business hours, 8-5, Mon-Fri.

Please try and avoid having your car towed to our garage without checking with us first. We have no private parking spaces outside the workshop, so the truck driver will have to leave your car on the street, if they can find a space. Any oil or other liquid spills on the public roads will be your responsibility, if we need to clean up anything outside of our workshop an additional charge will be incurred.

We strongly recommend joining the RACQ, it’s cheap insurance, and the cost of membership is not much more than the cost of a tow – even cheaper if your car breaks down on a regular basis., They have qualified mechanics who provide breakdown services all around Australia.  Advanced cover options provide car loan and hotel accommodation.
More about parking:
Anyone who has spent more than half an hour in West End realises parking is at a premium, and strictly monitored. While we have a reasonably sized workshop for this area, we still need to rely on street parking, as does almost every other garage in the 4101 region. When you drop off your car, please let us know where you left it. Any parking fines incurred because the car was left in a no-standing area will be your responsibility. If the car is towed in and can’t be driven, leave a note for the parking inspectors. Once we are made aware of where the car is, we can arrange to move it. If the car is booked after we have taken the job, we handle any parking fines that may arise, so don’t be afraid to tell us if there is a ticket on the windshield.