The Standard Service

What’s in our standard service:

Standard only in name, our standard service allows you to keep your vehicle maintained as per your manufacturer’s logbook, keeping your warranty intact. Since every vehicle is slightly different, there is no single service to suit everyone. As a guide, here’s what we include in a standard service: Price varies for each model, but for a standard four cylinder petrol-engined car, expect between $140-170.

  • Inspect door / hinge operation, lubricate & adjust
  • Inspect lights for correct operation
  • Inspect instruments, gauges and controls
  • Inspect and inflate tyres, including spare
  • Rotate and balance wheels if required
  • Inspect battery condition
  • Inspect & clean air filter
  • Inspect/Adjust drive belts
  • Inspect cooling system
  • Top up windscreen washer
  • Change engine oil & filter (Full synthetic oil for low-km cars, mineral for older vehicles)
  • Inspect/ Top up other applicable oil systems
  • Inspect underbody for damage, leaks or other wear
  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspect steering and suspension
  • Inspect Brakes (Discs, Drums, Pads, Fluid)
  • Inspect Steering (Play, Fluid)
  • Inspect drive shafts
  • Lubricate grease points
  • Reset service lights and investigate any error codes
  • Inspect wheel bearings for free play
  • Inspect pipes and hoses for leaks or damage
  • Inspect & Adjust brake/clutch pedal height & play
  • Inspect & Adjust park brake
  • Road Test vehicle
  • Prepare condition report & quote repair costs where required

If there are any problems that you have noticed, let us know beforehand so we can pay extra attention to them.  In most cases this is included in the cost of the service.