Bikes, scooters etc.

Repairs on scooters/mopeds/motorbikes:
Due to time, space and economic constraints, we are no longer doing motorbike or motorcycle repairs. We may resume these operations in future, if you would like to be informed contact us with your details, or like our facebook page for future updates. In the meantime, if you are looking for a local repairer, try Ellaspede in West End, or Wizard Motorcycles, who do callouts. Otherwise the nearest major service centre is Team Moto Moorooka. We can also highly recommend Rocker Classic at Nundah, who carry out service & repairs on all makes.

I have a scooter, the distributor has gone out of business. Can you fix it?
This is one of the major reasons we have cut back on scooter repairs.We are finding it harder and harder to track down parts for some Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean scooters. Not because the parts aren’t there, but because the local distributors have obscured the origins of the bike which means we have to try and determine what parts from other manufacturers will fit. Either that or the distributors have dropped support, or disappeared completely. Even those still in business are difficult to communicate with, because they are sick of dealing with after-sales problems. As with many modern consumer items, a cheap scooter can now , sadly, be considered a throw-away item. Your best bet: Japanese bikes, or comon Piaggio / Vespa models. Look out for short-run imports, parts can be hard to find also.

Do you like bicycles, and will you fix mine?
Yes and no.  We have an air hose (100psi) you can use to pump up your tyres. But for repairs, try The Bicycle Revolution in Montague Rd, or one of the many other bike shops in West End.

Electric bicycles imported from China?
No, if you are having problems with these contact the distributor and make them responsible for their product.